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It´s Importan to follow ourRules

Changuing Beds

The use of multiple beds or changing beds without the knowledge of the reception department , will have a penalty as the amount of the bed on his category.

Touch belongings

Do not touch any belongings or items that are not yours.

Public Areas

The public areas are open 24 hours. Please respect the sleeping hours.

Damage Rooms

The hostel has the right to charge the client in case there are any damages on the room.


Pets are not allowed.

Missing Items

The hostel is not responsible for any missing items. Please keep always your stuff locked on the room.


Drinks and food are not allowed into the rooms.

Wifi Free

Free high speed wireless connection.

Keep Common Areas Clean

Keep the common areas clean and packed up.

Lock Door

Please make sure the door´s room are lock when you leave the room.

Food II

Please keep your food and drinks on the kitchen area. Do not forget to tag all your food with your ckeck out date and room number.

Useful Items

We have many items to sell and rent such as gel, shampoo, locks…

Guests Under 18

Guests under 18 are not allowed to sleep in mixed rooms.

Not Guest

People that are not guests of the hostel are not allowed to go into the rooms.

Bed Linen

The change of the bed linen and towels are on your third day of stay. If you want to change it before has a charge of 3€.


If you use anything from the kitchen, please make sure you leave everything clean.

Hangers And Baskets

Please use the hangers that belongs to your bed letter. In case the towels are dirty put them into the black basket.


It is not allowed to hang towels on the windows, terraces or in the courtyard. Please ask our reception department we have portable lines at your disposal.


And last but not least, do not forget to enjoy your stay at Koisi Hostel.